Too expensive? I guess ManUnited is pulling out of Sancho Poker

At Borussia Dortmund, Jadon Sancho has long since made himself indispensable despite his tender age. Clubs from England and other parts of Europe have already positioned themselves and are preparing multi-million-dollar offers for the BVB-Youngster. After FC Barcelona, Manchester United have apparently now also put a commitment from Jadon Sancho on hold for the coming summer.

As the English media unanimously report, the English record-holders have postponed their efforts to win the BVB star by one year until summer 2021. The background to this is the Dortmunders’ exorbitant demand for a replacement in the amount of well over 100 million euros.

United is not supposed to be prepared to meet this in times of the Corona crisis. Club boss Ed Woodward had recently warned that soccer should not “deny reality”. In Dortmund, the “Daily Mail” writes that the realization is now increasingly maturing that it is possible to plan another year with Sancho.