The data confirms Rose’s attitude

Only three teams score better than BVB after falling behind

Marco Rose does not see an attitude problem at Borussia Dortmund. The BVB coach therefore deliberately says that he wants to work on the attitude – and not on the basic attitude. The numbers prove the 45-year-old right.

Some might think it’s quibbling when Marco Rose says that he wants to work on attitude with his team, but that the attitude or even the mentality of his professionals is not a problem. Attitude, mindset, mentality – aren’t they all the same thing? Not in the 45-year-old’s definition.

By attitude, Rose means on the one hand the reaction to setbacks and failures, and on the other hand the concentration on the moment. How do I react to conceding goals or missing chances? How present am I in direct duels? These are the things the BVB coach wants – and needs – to work on more intensively with his team in the coming weeks and months. What matters most to him is consistency – or in Rose’s phrase: sustainability – in the question of attitude.

Ten points after falling behind

BVB is already capable of reacting correctly to proverbial blows to the neck – even if, as was the case recently with the last-minute victory in Frankfurt (3:2 after 0:2), sometimes only with a time delay. The match against Eintracht, for example, was the first since the 5-3 win in Augsburg on 18 January 2020 in which Dortmund managed to turn a two-goal deficit into a victory. However, it was not the first in which they overturned a deficit.