Rose blocks BVB questions – and wants to rotate again

When Gladbach and Dortmund meet in the DFB Cup Quarterfinal on Tuesday, Marco Rose will be the focus. On Monday, however, the coach showed clearly that he has not the slightest interest in it.

He was happy not to answer the questions about his new employer and the associated explosion, which Rose clearly noted at his press conference. Does he feel any particular pressure? The pressure is built up “from the outside”. “I get little and read little. I feel the same pressure as always, “said the BVB trainer in spe. He also felt “anticipation”, and it was “in no way about Marco Rose, but about team, goals and Mönchengladbach”.

He also blocked the question of whether he was already involved in the decision-making processes of his future employer. “There is nothing to say because it is not an issue. I am fully challenged here.” He explained with the”media pressure”that the news of his change had come out before the cup game on Tuesday (8.45 pm, LIVE! at and on free TV). He said that he had “grown so big that we went public.”