Messi in the Premier League? Klopp: “Not sure this is happening”

Less than a week after the Champions League final, the first title of the new season will be awarded in England on Saturday. In the Supercup, the Community Shield, champion FC Liverpool meets cup winner FC Arsenal.

Although the Supercup is not particularly important in England either, Klopp does not want to know about a better friendly game. “I don’t care what other people think about it,” he said. “We just have to deliver in the game. It’s about fighting hard and hanging in there. We should try that. It’s an endgame, it’s Wembley

.” His opponent Mikel Arteta is also not particularly happy with the timing of the match. “We only had two workouts, and this game comes in the middle of our mini-season preparation. So this is not exactly the ideal time to play,” said the arsenal coach. “We try to arrange ourselves and get the team in the best possible shape to keep up on Saturday.”