Medical emergency: Spurs professionals force stoppage in Newcastle

The Premier League match between Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur had to be suspended for around 20 minutes on Sunday evening. The reason was a medical emergency in the stands.

At first, the match at St. James’ Park in Newcastle was dominated by the Saudi takeover of the traditional club from the north of England. The Magpies quickly took the lead, but gave it away again within five minutes. Shortly before the break, however, the result and the course of the game receded into the background.

While the game was still in progress, there were hectic scenes on the back straight near the edge of the pitch. Because a spectator had collapsed, other fans called for stewards and tried to give first aid. The Spurs professionals Eric Dier and Sergio Reguilon obviously noticed this and hurriedly drew the attention of referee Andre Marriner so that a defibrillator could be brought to the stands as quickly as possible. This was brought to the scene shortly afterwards by Newcastle United team doctor Paul Catterson.

The match was resumed after 20 minutes

Marriner had already stopped the match at this point, first gathering the teams on the sidelines and then asking them to go to the dressing rooms after consulting with security. While the rescue measures continued and the spectator in question was finally taken away, the rest of the spectators continued to give encouraging applause. After 20 minutes, the match was finally resumed.

According to English media reports, the spectator’s condition has been stabilised. He is now in hospital, according to Newcastle United.