Matchwinner Mbappé: “Maradona was also criticized”

Kylian Mbappé scored three goals in the 4-1 of Paris St. Germain in Barcelona. Afterwards, the Frenchman spoke about his critics and the future.

With the Spielball and the Player of the Match award, Mbappé entered the Sky interview at Camp Nou. After his double pack in the last group game against Basaksehir (5:1), the 22-year-old even bet one more against a much more renowned opponent.

Balm on Mbappé’s wounds, after all, his load inhibition in knockout games (only one hit) was last topic in France. On Tuesday, he silenced the critical voices, but took them emphatically loosely. “You don’t have to take the criticism personally, I never did. Everyone was criticized, including Maradona, “said the attacker. “Kylian Mbappé will do the same. I deal with it calmly. I don’t go to the field to stuff mouths or prove myself, but because I enjoy football.”Mbappé also thought back briefly to the 2016/17 season, when he was approached about the chances of getting ahead. At that time PSG had lost a 4-0 lead over Barcelona from the first leg. “We are not through yet,” warned Mbappé, who was also addressed about his future during the evening. “It would be stupid to make my future dependent on a single game,” said the Frenchman, who prefers to “think long term.” And: “I always said I was happy in Paris.”