Leo talks about returning to idols!

Federal coach Joachim Löw considers a return of Mario Götze to the national team possible. „We don’t lose sight of him either,” said the 60-year-old in an interview with the „sports buzzer.“ In recent weeks, he had repeated contact with the 28-year-old, who had kept him informed.

Götze was last in the selection squad about three years ago and was substituted in his 63rd international match against France on 14 November 2017. At the World Cup in Brazil, he scored the goal for a 1-0 victory against Argentina in the final and scored the selection of the German Football Federation (DFB) for the fourth World Cup title. At his performance in Eindhoven Götze had reaffirmed his ambitions for a comeback in the Löw team. „I definitely want to get back on the national team,” he had said.

Götze scored his second goal in the Dutch championship and also scored in the Europa League in the 3-0 victory of his club on Sunday in the Eredivisie against Willem II Tilburg. Löw is surprised by the good form of the offensive player. „That was not to be expected,” said the federal coach, „he looks very fresh and very agile, the joy is noticeable to him. He needs this for his light-footedness, for his variability.“ In Löw’s opinion, the World Cup finalist was a burden for Götze. „He had a backpack on through the gate in 2014, which certainly also meant a great burden,” he judged. In Germany, everything was always focused on him. With the move to the Netherlands „he made the right decision for himself – namely to venture a fresh start outside the Bundesliga presentation plate,“ said the Bundescoach.