Karius: Klopp advised me to change union

Loris Karius has erased the consequential patter in the 2018 Champions League Final from his memory. „I’ve checked this off for a long time,” said the new Keeper of the 1st FC Union at his first official media appointment in Berlin on Tuesday. At the An der Alten Försterei stadium, many questions revolved around that evening in Kiev when he didn’t make a good impression with Liverpool in the 1-3 against Real Madrid. Since then, he has had a negative image, although it remains unclear to this day whether a shock from real icon Sergio Ramos had rendered him virtually incapable of playing before the double error.

„My good performances have already been forgotten a little in Germany. I was gone for over four years now,” Karius said. From Liverpool FC he is on loan to Berlin-Köpenick for a season and wants to stay in the league with the capitals. It is also an escape from England because he had no future under coach Jürgen Klopp. „He said it was a good step,” Karius said of Klopp’s recommendation to step back to his homeland. The 27-year-old should now „stand out and show again that I am a really good goalkeeper“.

There are many indications that Karius will celebrate his return to the Bundesliga on Sunday (6pm/Sky) at FC Schalke 04. „It is my claim to play and I am in a positive mood. I would definitely be ready,” Karius said, referring to the role of the possible number one in Union. Until now Andreas Luthe had been in goal, but Karius was not picked up until after the start of the season. Coach Urs Fischer has not yet announced who his new regular keeper will be. „I’m trying to convince everyone every day now,” Karius said.