Hütter on crisis: “That had its appeal”

Things are not going well for Eintracht Frankfurt in this Bundesliga season. At the end of 2019, the Hessians were even only three points away from relegation. In the meantime, the SBU has gained some breathing space. Coach Adi Hütter even saw the crisis as a challenge.

“It was a great challenge to overturn this buck. That had its appeal,” Hütter said in an interview with the “Blick”.

The Austrian stressed that the criticism was entirely justified. “We didn’t play as well tactically and were physically at our limit. But this crisis had its reasons. Internally, however, we analysed everything objectively and soberly”, explained Hütter.

Despite the precarious situation on the table, there was never any unrest. “Sports Director Fredi Bobic and Sports Director Bruno Hübner have one hundred percent confidence in me as a person and coach. I always had a great feeling about my work”, Hütter clarified.