“Dreaming of nights like this”: Lazio and relaxation

Immobile is not only optimistic that the Lazio defence will be able to overcome this challenge, but also sent a small warning to Lewandowski: Lewandowski saw no country in the Nations League 0-2 of Poland against Squadra Azzurra in mid-November 2020 against Lazio defender Francesco Acerbi. “Acerbi is currently one of the strongest defenders, so I have no advice to give him,” Immobile said, “he knows how to stop Lewandowski himself.”

Lazio coach Simone Inzaghi will also approach the task with caution. The 44-year-old cannot be blinded by the two youngest wobblers of Bavaria in the Bundesliga. “Bavaria Munich is world and European champion,” Inzaghi said, looking at the won club world championship and the Champions League title. For Inzaghi, who has supervised the Laziali since April 2016, the duel against the Bavarians is “the crowning glory of the work of the past five years”.