Did Flick want to increase transfer pressure in Hoffenheim?

Two figures can give hope to the national and international Bavarian competition: 57 and 254. The Bavarians have to cope

with a maximum of 57 games in 254 days if they want to defend their triple. This is the toughest program in Bundesliga history.

Bavaria has 14 top players capable of world-class performance – but they won’t always be able to make the first 11.

They are Neuer, Pavard, Alaba, Boateng, Süle, Davies, Goretzka, Kimmich, Müller, Gnabry, Sané, Coman, Lewandowski, Hernandez. Not enough to repeat the triple (which of course cannot be expected every year). Possibly too little for the double (which the Bavarians set themselves every year as their goal).

Coach Flick has recognised this for a long time and publicly calls for reinforcements – even after the 1-4 in Hoffenheim.

Perhaps he even consciously used the game to show his leadership the difficult staffing situation again and increase the transfer pressure. It is at least unusual to spin out

the two fitness machines Lewandowski and Goretzka on the second day of the game. Did Flick accept the setback? The fact is: the defeat can be averted after Dortmund’s bankruptcy the day before. Flick predecessor Niko Kovac had formulated his transfer cry for help in the 0-2 Supercup against Dortmund in 2019 in such a way that he used mid-table bull Sanches in the left-wing position. Shortly afterwards Perisic and Coutinho…