As “anchor”: Büskens is the new Schalker co-trainer

On Monday, Mike Büskens headed the first unit on Schalke after Christian Gross was kicked out – in the future he will continue working as a assistant coach. The new head coach could be presented this week, while Dimitrios Grammozis is the candidate for the long-term solution.

In his press release on Sunday’s five-layoffs, Schalke 04 said that Mike Büskens will continue to support the squad planning for the new season. In the meantime, there has been a readjustment here: The “Eurofighter”, who led the first training session after Christian Gross’ separation on Monday, will be installed as a co-trainer.

“He has declared his willingness to be the anchor as assistant coach,” said Peter Knäbel, who, after the expulsion of sports director Jochen Schneider, bears overall sporting responsibility until further notice, in the clever channel and pushed the decisive sentence afterwards: “In the future, too, and not only provisionally now.”

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