A football action film: Milan wins the spectacle among the Roma

The AC Milan had recently lost the derby against Inter and thus gave way to first place. Now the away game was up for the dangerous Roma – and the Rossoneri held the upper hand on an entertaining, turbulent and packed evening.

Do you like pure football enjoyment? Then buckle up, please: Because what Inter-Consecutor Milan and the AS Roma had already offered themselves on Sunday evening in the course of the 24th Series A match day alone in the first 45 minutes was an action spectacle of a special kind.

The big highlights alone outperformed many a game, which ended in 3:3 or 4:4 after a complete 90 minutes. Why? Because Ibrahimovic despaired directly of Pau Lopez (3rd), was blocked on the goal line (3rd), met Tomori via duster and was whistled back because of offside (3rd) and did not hit “Ibra” after a ball claw free in front of Pau Lopez (5th) as well as scored after a clever cross pass by Rebic, was only a little too far ahead – and was whistled back again because of offside (9th).